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The City Wild: Urban Biodiversity from A-Z

Content by The Ateneo Wild and Ateneo Institute of Sustainability

Published by Forest Foundation Philippines

The City Wild: Urban Biodiversity from A-Z is an alphabet flash card set featuring examples of  Philippine urban wildlife and concepts to help young learners get to know and appreciate our rich local flora and fauna even in the city! The City Wild provides a hands-on educational experience with each card featuring an organism, concept, or physical component of urban biodiversity, an eye catching illustration, a short description, and an activity that children and their parents or teachers can enjoy together.

This is a collaborative effort of Forest Foundation Philippines, Inc., The Ateneo Wild and the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability to raise awareness for the protection and conservation of urban green spaces. Illustrations and layout were made by Inya De Vera.

The online versions of The City Wild: Urban Biodiversity from A to Z can be downloaded for FREE in several formats:

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